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So Google's Domain registration email got sent to spam guessed it...GOOGLE and some completely unethical UK web design company bout my url before it even expired (I had NO clue they could do and learn I guess) so my new TGO Designs blog url is

Just a little update...

Due to health problems I can not support the demands of custom blog design.  Button and Banner design is still available and I will still set up blogs on a limited basis. Please email me with your questions. jen{at}


Current project.....

I am in the end run of a new blog/site for Celtic Moon Studios


Check it out!


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Are you a company, crafter or just a regular ole joe that needs a facebook page but don't know how to go about it? I will set one up for you for $40. If you need a admin for the page the price is listed on my FaceBook/Twitter page.



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